Hot Lunch

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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! 

As you know, our TOCS hot lunch program wouldn’t be possible without your help; your service is what makes us tick! If you can spend a few hours with us serving our children and getting to know fellow TOCS parents and grandparents, we would love to have you. 
 You’ll be setting up the tables to serve, serving at our three lunches, and cleaning up for a few minutes after, and best of all, you can eat with your student(s) when they come down for lunch at one of the reserved tables; a really nice perk of the job.

To sign up and be part of our Hot Lunch Team click on the link below and follow the prompts-

There will be a list of days available. Come be a part of the team!


We are thrilled to be offering online ordering for hot lunch this year. Our new online ordering system will make the process easy as ever to complete and track for both parents and our hot lunch team.

Each month (around the second Friday of the month) when a new lunch ordering session begins, parents will receive an email notifying them that a new lunch ordering session is about to open for the following month. Parents will receive an email the day before the portal opens and another email the day before it closes. It will always be open on Friday for 12 days and close on that Wednesday at 5:00 pm, unless the schedule requires a change. If that happens, you will be notified of this. 


Single Meal - entree, 2 to 3 sides, and a beverage - $4.00

Double Meal - double entree, 2 to 3 sides and beverage - $5.00

Salad Bar Meal - salad, 4 oz. grilled chicken breast, assorted toppings, and a beverage - $4.00

Beverage only - .45

Desserts - we will be eliminating daily desserts in favor of a once-weekly dessert bar on the last day of the week. Dessert bar days will be indicated on the menu.

Fresh Fruit - several fresh fruit options will be available for students to choose from on days where “fresh fruit” is indicated on the menu.

Tossed Salad - a tossed garden salad will be offered on days where “tossed salad” is indicated and students may choose from a variety of regular and gluten-free dressings.

Please click the link to view the instructions for ordering online and paying online-

Place Orders through ParentWeb login.docx

 If you need to add or cancel a lunch after this time you must email us at to do so.


Any student who forgets his/her lunch will be offered a Hot Lunch for the day. The cost for a forgotten lunch is $5.00 and your account will be billed for that amount. If you are uncertain of the days that your child(ren) ordered lunch, please check your order form online or print it from the website. Please be mindful that we work very hard to keep the lunch costs affordable by only preparing food that has been ordered prior. We encourage you to take advantage of the website and note what you have ordered and paid for.


Adding lunch is always welcome! If you decide to add a lunch to your order after the online session has closed please contact us by email. Requests for additional meals the following day must be emailed to us by 5:00 pm. We will add the lunch(es) and charge your account to be paid with your next month’s order. If you need to cancel a lunch you must notify us by email by 5:00 on the day before you want to cancel. Please leave an email with the date(s) you want to cancel. You will receive a lunch credit on your account to use on your next month’s order.

Same day lunch cancellations cannot be accepted.

If you have any questions about the food items or the ordering process please contact us at or you may call during school hours at 636-861-1901 ext 3175.

Thank you, we look forward to serving you,

Helen Prouty and Ashley Bond