Leadership Corps

One of the goals that we have for our students at Twin Oaks Christian School is to develop leaders who will understand the servant-leader role as modeled by Jesus. Jesus, who was the Son of God, gave Himself for others. Our Leadership Corps gives training in leadership and opportunities to serve the school community as well as the greater community. This organization is for middle school students who have a desire to use their gifts for God’s glory in service.
This year the Leadership Corps will be responsible for organizing school-wide service projects such as Change for Haiti, the Shoe Drive, and the Food Drive. Leadership Corps will plan Spirit Week and Spirit Days.
Twin Oaks Leadership Corps will emphasize the importance of Christian leadership and answer the questions of WHY we need Christian leaders, WHY we need to be Christian leaders, and HOW we can be leaders as followers of Christ. We are planning on having a few guest speakers, character-building projects, and some team building activities to teach the meaning and importance of being a leader among the community.